Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The economic power of Dulles South and North

It may be pretty obvious to those in this region that Dulles Airport is a major source of regional, national and even internation economic success and influence, but the rate at which this is growing is even more amazing. This fact was underlined by the recent One Loudoun groundbreaking, which will include the "World Trade Center - Dulles". Governor Tim Kaine admitted it was a major reason Volkswagen announced its relocation to Herndon earlier this month - and with international business becoming more commonplace, he said the economic power of Dulles should never be underestimated and will be even more powerful tomorrow.

Loudoun County's own economic projections have the employment increases projected at 53% from 2006-2016. We'd predict even more growth, especially in home-based and Internet-centric businesses, which tend not to show up on the growth charts (approximately 97% of Loudoun's registered businesses have fewer than 100 employees, and 85% have fewer than 20). The information sector itself has grown significantly in its share, to 7% of the total business community - again, there are hundreds of more information technology businesses operating primarily online, which are likely unregistered in the County.

Get ready - the Dulles region and Loudoun County in particular is poised to produce some very global impacts from a business and economic perspective.


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