Friday, July 24, 2009

Loudoun Easterner is Shuttered

The Loudoun Easterner's last issue was July 22, according to this article by John Geddie, a former employee now at the Loudoun Independent.

We reached this conclusion many times over our years blogging in Loudoun that the communities, while fast-growing in terms of people, housing and traffic, was not quite as fast-growing in terms of "real" news from unique journalism perspectives - i.e. major business, community or government reporting opportunities created or discovered by journalists, that were really compelling and unique to the journalist or publisher. Most papers over the years had very similar stories and formats, and a dwindling base of advertising - this, along with the rapid proliferation of online reader-generated news sources and dialogue, the movement of on the scene, and the fall in the economy could only lead to consolidation of the local papers.

So, the remaining papers can only get better, or will we end up with 1 or 2, with the community reporting slack taken up by local blogging, tweeting, emailing and community discussion boards?



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