Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Virginia Election 2007 online marketing

Here's an interesting, though not unsurprising set of data. "Search Engine Saturation" is a measure of how many website references and links have been indexed by the major Internet search engines. The way search engines index and display links varies, and these kinds of results aren't necessary conclusive - but they do indicate relative attention by the website owners to optimizing and promoting their websites through many different search engine optimization/marketing methods, plus the interest in the website contents or topic by other media (like newspapers, other websites, blogs, etc.). Basically, higher search engine saturation with the right balance of information provided is a goal for political candidates - their message and visibility is exposed more often, in more complete context and altogether more effectively to their constituents and stakeholders.

Virginia Senate District 33 Election 2007 major search engine saturation statistics -

Google/AOL=8, Hotbot/Inktomi = 8, MSN=8, Yahoo/Fast/Altavista=11, AlltheWeb=0

Google/AOL=9, Hotbot/Inktomi = 8, MSN=44, Yahoo/Fast/Altavista=1, AlltheWeb=0

andrewsforsenate.org ( http://www.andrewsforsenate.org );
Google/AOL=0, Hotbot/Inktomi = 0, MSN=0, Yahoo/Fast/Altavista=0, AlltheWeb=0

What do these numbers mean?

In brief analysis of these website references, it simply appears Mark Herring's got fairly balanced coverage across the sites, meaning his information's "organically" generated for the most part (i.e. longer-term, non-artificial or paid results - which is good), but there's not nearly enough links out and about for constituents to find. Patricia Phillips has a bit of a blip with MSN, but that's actually due to decent optimization of her own site (that MSN interprets differently than the others) - it appears overall efforts to enhance the visibility of her site among search engines is percolating a little, but well behind Mark Herring. John Andrews has no presence at all among the search engines - which makes it really difficult to find his site, and without concerted effort, this will not likely change for some time (improving search engine rankings and listings takes quite a while, especially for new sites).

Internet advertising takes many other forms, other than getting a website link out there...but getting your link out there is the first and easiest (though time-consuming) way of attracting possible voters to your platform and online information.

KME Web Design can help get the message, and the links out there, using well-known Search Engine Optimization techniques - contact http://www.kmeinternetmarketing.com. (Note, updated 2014 - was "KME Web Design".)


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