Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dulles South and Loudoun Transportation Information

Take a look at the most recent Dulles South Traffic and Transportation presentations given at the Dulles South Business Alliance (DSBA), concerning transportation planning, funding and activities in the area. Presentations include one on the "Dulles Loop Implementation Group" (DLIG) status, one from the "Northern Virginia Transportation Authority" (NVTA), and one on the "Washington Airports Task Force" (WATF) 2008 priorities.

All provide a reasonable picture of real progress being made towards alleviating traffic issues in this area of the county, though there are many years of planning and construction to go. Lots of interesting nuggets.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loudoun County has grown so much these last 20 years that public mass transportation must be considerd from Fairfax County. And not wait on the metrorail, I'm talking buses.
Bus transportation east to west and north to south, hasn't anybody been paying attention?
This is no longer "cow country", it's the 21rst century. And the elected officials need to realize this, "where've you been"? Wishing for the "good old days" is old thinking.

6:21 PM  

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