Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Loudoun Board of Supervisors and Mr. Miller say "No" to Dulles South (Southern Loudoun) Children and Parents

Today's vote and comment regarding approving a special exception for building new schools on the Lenah property in Dulles South was a lengthy process with lots of good content and insight from our Board. Best statement, from Ms. Klimek-Buckley:

"In the world of Education, playing the time game doesn't work".


"I'm having trouble finding valid reasons to deny...need to hold my nose and vote for it". (Burton)


"I'm convinced the Lenah school site is located in the center of the student service area...." (York)

Here's the final tally:

Miller (Dulles South Representative) - NO new schools
McGimsey - No new schools
Waters - No new schools
Kurtz - No new schools
Burke - No new schools

Delgaudio - Yes
Klimek Buckley - Yes
York - Yes
Burton - Yes



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