Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Field Trip to Charlie Foxtrot

From first-hand accounts, today's Little River LCPS field trip was an utter Charlie Foxtrot (if you don't know, guess - otherwise, perhaps, suffice it to say, not the best display of a well-managed public education institute).

Starting times and pupil-to-bus allocations were all mucked up at the start. The children's "I'm lost, call the school" stickers had non-working, old phone numbers for the school (this is both appalling and dangerous). Certain bus drivers forgot their Toll Road passes, and elected not to follow contingency protocol, but take an alternate route that cost another 30 mins delay (again, appalling). Therefore all classes arrived at the same time at the Botanical Gardens, instead of a staged arrival for crowd control. No matter, anyway, that not much is actually blooming at the gardens, yet, nor that there wasn't any kind of actual educational program or schedule to partake in - just another big play day, and utter waste of taxpayer money. Even the departure times weren't well-understood by some teachers.

And then, to top it off, we get our report card home, and for the 3rd time in a row, our son is referred to as a "her", nearly every sentence in the review has spelling or grammar errors, and the feedback is shallow and non-helpful.

Does this school, and perhaps others in Loudoun county, actually understand that a school is a business, we are its customers, and the children are absolute critical assets that need to be competently managed and protected? It doesn't seem so, based on this example.



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