Thursday, June 25, 2009

Loudoun Loses Another Blogger

Over at, another key member of the blogging digerati has departed - Erica Garmen will no longer write for the "Living in Loco" blog, having handled affairs for about a year and a half following the originator, Tammi Marcoullier. So far, no replacements have been named, to take on the "all things Loudoun" mantle at this particular newspaper (The Washington Post).

Here at Gateway to Loudoun County, as Loudoun County's longest-running, Loudoun-centric, citizen-generated blog (we think so, anyway, based on our limited research), we're sorry to see Erica depart, and look forward to having another Loudoun resident and great online conversationalist join the area Blog-o-sphere. We might suggest the "Living in Loco" helm be stewarded by a group of bloggers - this may help with retention of personality and continuation of topics...

A little history about us - we originally started as "Braddock South Online", focused purely on the Dulles South/Braddock Road area back in 2006 (remember the CPAM issues?), but gradually evolved into Dulles South concerns and eventually all things Loudoun business, community, non-profits and online entrepreneurialism - injected every once in a while with some Northern Virginia women and mom-related material, and some Internet Marketing topics (for consumption by Loudoun businesses and organizations looking for more exposure).

We're very much "Made in Loudoun", and look forward to more bloggers under the same banner.


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