Friday, September 04, 2009

Organic Loudoun Meat at Vintage 50/51 via Fields of Athenry Farm

We've just returned from a very tasty and organic lunch at the new Vintage 51 in South Riding, VA - where the manager's told us that "Fields of Athenry Farm" Loudoun organic meat is used, and soon will be delivering.

Vintage 51, an offshoot of the very popular Vintage 50 Restaurant and Brew Lounge in Leesburg, serves a very reasonable and unique menu for lunch and dinner, with a fully-stocked beer menu that's got no equal east of Leesburg's Fireworks Pizza. In between our Flying Dog IPA and Clipper City Cannons (assisting the digestion of an Oyster Po' Boy and steamed mussels), we learned that the extremely fresh and organic meats used in menu items were supplied via Loudoun's own "Fields of Athenry Farm" - which raises some of the world's finest lamb, poultry (turkey, geese, chickens) and beef. Pork is also offered through their local farming partners and Mennonite butcher.

Unfortunately, VA ABC laws prohibit the transport of fresh beer from the Vintage 50 brewery to the Vintage 51 restaurant - so you'll have to visit Leesburg to try them out.

It also appears that this all-natural meat can be ordered online or in person - and will soon be delivered via the Vintage 51 South Riding location. The meat counter's already installed and should be operable by the holidays. That's right - you'll soon be able to order and pick up fresh Loudoun organic meat products from animals raised right here in our county, without antibiotics, hormones or GMO.

What's more healthy and delicious in Loudoun than northern virginia local craft beer and organic beef? Be sure to visit the Northern Virginia BrewFest this Fall (October 24/25)for a complete selection of local craft brews, crafts and organic food products.


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