Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Dulles Redistricting and Freedom High Overcrowding Interim Plan

Two quick notes to pass along, first from Supervisor Miller regarding redistricting and its impact to the Dulles District, and second from the Dulles South Neighbors for Education (DSNFE) regarding an interim solution for Freedom High overcrowding and next year's class...

Loudoun County Redistricting and Dulles
From Mr. Miller:

"The Board has begun the redistricting process for the County. Using population estimates, staff has generated nine potential scenarios for drawing new district lines to make district populations equal. Final county population figures will not be available until census data is presented in February. Currently, the Dulles district has over twice the population of several other districts.

I have started a post on my blog about this topic to have a conversation about residents’ ideas for new district lines in the Dulles community. Please share your thoughts with me: http://withoutsupervision.com/?p=640.

Residents can find more information about the process and submit their own plans for consideration through the redistricting website.

The Board of Supervisors has set a deadline of 5:00 p.m., Friday, January 28, 2011, for submission of alternative district scenarios/plans.

Freedom High School Plans for Next Year, and Mercer

There had been a rumor that the upcoming Freshman Class at Freedom will be attending Mercer for an additional year due to overcapacity enrollment at Freedom. DSNFE asked Dr. Hatrick to respond, and his email response was as follows:

"The interim problem is that Freedom's enrollment is projected to be well in excess of 2,000 students next year. Since with the opening of J. Michael Lunsford Middle School in August 2011 Mercer Middle School's enrollment will go down significantly, we want to take advantage of Mercer space (one academic wing) for some Freedom classes. Our plan is to have freshmen take some of their classes in space at Mercer Middle School on an every-other-day basis. We have done this in the past twice when Broad Run High School became overcrowded.

All freshmen will be based at Freedom High School, but they will be transported to Mercer Middle School every other day to take some of their classes. All freshmen will begin and end every day at Freedom High School. This plan should allow us to get through the 2011-2012 school year without straining Freedom's facilities beyond their capability and will allow all freshmen to take advantage of the full program at Freedom High School for their freshman year. They will be Freedom students every day, but some of their "Freedom" classrooms will be at Mercer every other day. Mrs. Forester will be scheduling meetings with parents and students to discuss the specific logistics of this plan."

Note also the Loudoun Board of Education annual budgeting process is underway per John Stevens, with the next public input hearings scheduled for January 11th, 13th & 18th.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larry Roeder, long time resident in South Riding, is the Democratic Candidate for revised Dulles District, District 4 in the Miller Plan. For details on Mr. Roeder, go to loudoun4roeder.org.

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