Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Loudoun Small Business Blogging - Multi-Author Blog & Digital Marketing Help for Loudoun Small Businesses

Need help, as a Loudoun small business, in getting started with blogging?
Join the "Made in Loudoun - Small Business Blogging Community"!

The community of Loudoun Small Business Bloggers, and our stewardship role in it, is a long and storied history....all the way back to the early 2000's - well, basically back to 2005 or so...(Check out this blast from the past - this list of Loudoun bloggers from 2011!)

As a small business in Loudoun, you may have already tried your hand at blogging and social media - Facebook's typically the easiest first route (it's really a "micro-blogging" channel) - followed then by Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram, etc....Really a lot to keep on top of. This doesn't even include "paid" online advertising - i.e. banner ads, Google Adwords, Facebook promotions, classifieds, etc.

The less comfortable route for blogging is "long-form" - i.e. traditional blogging on your website, or someone else's - like or Blogger. It requires a bit more thought, creativity, planning - but is ultimately the most effective form of online marketing, or "digital, inbound content marketing"!

Looking for help to get your first blog posts out there, to try it out? In a way that not only promotes your message and business, but truly "markets" it online to the surrounding, hyperlocal Loudoun or more broad Northern Virginia communities? On someone else's platform - i.e. the "training wheels" approach, with very little risk?
We're currently accepting new Loudoun small business blogger candidates - who are looking to jump into the blogging arena, with a bit of very professional, locally-experienced help. To also kickstart a renewed "Made in Loudoun" small business and startup community - that will include some great updates to this site in the coming Month...

The kind of help that's ONLY available through those who have gone before, stewards and experts at promoting Loudoun's vibrant, diverse and truly exceptional small business community via digital media. That's us, here at KME Internet Marketing - Loudoun's small business, resident marketing experts. It's also a Loudoun County-owned, multi-author blogging platform - the only one of its kind - that's been around a while (5 years!), and is therefore already trusted by both the local community, AND by the search engines' "domain age" filters.

Contact us here - to start your online, Loudoun small business blogging adventure - promoting your business online, attracting new customers and partners.

For No Cost to You, Available Nowhere Else - You Get:
  • Exposure, online, of you and your business to the Loudoun business and consumer community - exposure that's unlike any other, already developed, and not available anywhere else
  • A search-engine-optimized (SEO'd) page representing you and/or your business on Made in Loudoun's blog - that links directly to your business website
  • Blog topic creation/curating, authoring, media supplementation, SEO, hyperlocal amplification* and editorial assistance from KME for posts on this blog, including extracts and mobile renderings.
  • Contributors-only access to blogging and additional digital marketing, strategy resources available exclusively through KME Internet Marketing
  • Publishing schedule planning and management assistance - keeping you accountable for consistent, effective, "fresh" publishing.
  • Technical support for using the "Made in Loudoun" blog, using it as part of your new or existing online marketing campaign(s).
  • Coordination support for linking, re=purposing or otherwise sharing your content (without duplication or copyright penalties) from here, to/from other local blog and social media communities (the more content you post and share, the better!).
We Get: know more small, local businesses - the lifeblood of our County, to better understand and assist the needs of the local business community, and to showcase fantastic resources and perspectives shared by our Loudoun small businesses with possible future visitors, travelers, investors, and others seeking to expand the assets and economic development success of Loudoun County.

This is great, unique way for Loudoun small businesses to get movin' and groovin' in the blogging world - and an extremely important part of the overall Internet Marketing plan for new businesses - check out the definitive "Internet Marketing Checklist for New Businesses", created here in Loudoun.

This is "Guest Blogging" on Locally-Grown Nutrients -
Actually Made in Loudoun!

Blogging here, with our help, also connects you** directly to experience and hyperlocal business marketing expertise available through the Loudoun Small Business Development Center (SBDC - Counselor), the Mason Enterprise Center (MEC - Resident), the Loudoun Economic Development and Advisory Commission (EDAC - Commissioner), the Loudoun and Dulles Regional Chambers of Commerce (Members), "Loudoun Local" and all other Loudoun small business and startup marketing resources - KME Internet Marketing is and has been a contributing member, partner and/or volunteer of all of these, and only KME can channel this expertise directly into your successful blogging efforts here at Made In Loudoun.

*Loudoun Small Business Digital Marketing/Social Media Amplification is available *ONLY* through KME's hyperlocal, digital network of websites, blogs, social media channels (see below!) - making your content accessible and available to thousands of additional readers and customers, beyond this site. These include @Loudoun and @LoudounBusiness on Twitter, our GoFFX mobile events App, and, our "Gateway to Loudoun" blog (the longest-running business-focused blog in and about Loudoun County!) and associated Twitter, G+, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Paper.Li and Facebook channels - your blog entry here, will reach - when scheduled - the readers of all those sites, and more, extending beyond Loudoun, to Fairfax, Prince William, Northern Virginia, all of metro Washington DC!

**"Made in Loudoun" as a KME-branded website and social media platform is not officially associated with these organizations, unless specifically indicated.

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