Monday, March 19, 2007

One paper fits all this week

All we needed to read this week were Erika Jacobson's reports in the Loudoun Connection - she covered it all. Supervisor Snow proposed a $1.2 Billion amendment to the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) to cover infrastructure that would be needed now that it looks like all development moving forward in area will do so "by right", with no proffers for road improvement, parks, schools etc. Greenvest's withdrawal of its Broad Run Village, Arcola and Lenah rezoning applications for Transition Policy Area properties also removes the potential of the developer providing a 200 acre regional park, six public school sites, a 123-acre site for George Mason University, and road improvements to Rt. 50, Rt. 659, Braddock Road and Evergreen Mills Road as part of the proffers.

Last Wednesday's BOS work session focusing on the Ridgewater Project CPAM amendment saw Landsdowne Development Group revising its application, moving down from 2000 residential units to 1800, with 219 affordable units (to 2.2 units per acre, as opposed to guidelinse of 1 per 3 in a "village-style" design). Concerns still abound with the potential impact to the Goose Creek reservoir system.

The County is considering 13 proposals for a new government center, most clustered in eastern Loudoun around the "population centers" of Dulles North. Robert Dupree is keeping supervisors focused on full funding of the education components of the proposed county budget, his presentation can be found here.

We did see an interesting dichotomy on opposite pages within the Loudoun Indpendent; on one side, Poisson started campaigning, announcing a kickoff to his re-election campaign March 31st. On the other side, Lynn Chapman of Ashburn has filed documents to run for this 32nd District seat in the House of Delegates. See the full Election 2007 list at Dulles South Politics.


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