Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Tag - You're It! NOVA Beer Meme

In our never-ending hunt to discover who's online around Loudoun County and Northern Virginia, it's time for a Meme - basically a Blog Tag game. It goes like this:

1 - you've been "tagged" (how do you know? I or someone told you, or you read it in my blog)

2 - create a blog entry on your site, regarding the topic suggested, and copy this entire post into it (including intstructions, and the code "NOVAMEME20070425")

3 - "tag" 3-5 other blogger sites you like, read and/or respect, by including a link to them in your post (copy the link list below, and add to it!)

We all might discover, once the Meme gets around and Google starts indexing, some new and great blogs/bloggers!

Topic: Best Beer for Virginians.

My Answer: Without a doubt, it's Old Dominion's Hop Pocket Ale - absolutely tasty, with a strong hopped character, sold in most local grocery stores, and locally brewed to boot.

You're it! -

Loudoun Talk
Leadership for Loudoun
Living in Loudoun County
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Notaviva Vineyards (drink beer, you say?)
Gateway to Loudoun County


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