Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Don't think our schools are overcrowded?

Today was the first day for Kindergarten registration in Loudoun County - you would've thought it was signup for U.VA. In previous years (and we've been there 3 times already) it was a smooth walk-in walk-out signup, with minimal paperwork (birth certificate and driver's license). Today, complete and utter pandemonium. Lines out the door, around the school, at Little River and Hutchinson (South Riding), and elsewhere. Also, new requirements this year included display of a mortgage statement or property deed.

Evidently, the "scare" was on that children might not get into the schools, and get bused elsewhere...and there probably will be many children that don't get registered on time, or late, and therefore get turned away. Stories abound about those in various communities who live right across from the school, and decide to register late....then there's no space, and the kid gets sent out to Leesburg.



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