Friday, March 23, 2007

Wednesdays just got better here in South Riding

Normally, Wednesday and Thursday tend to bring with them the excitement of finding our petite Loudoun rags in mailbox - the Connection, Independent, the Easterner, the WAPO Loudoun section, Leesburg Today, sometimes the Middleburg Eccentric and once in a while a glossy Loudoun magazine or two. (How many times can we cover the same stories, exactly? This dilution of advertising dollars, along with growing impact on online media, must eventually add up to consolidation of the paper businesses.) Just recently the Times-Mirror began gracing our driveway at this time also, competing for attention by our official newspaper retriever (the dog, Emily). Why is this? Previously we've had to find this paper in stores or government centers, suddenly it's showing up. I guess South Riding is matured fully into a NOVA destination, i.e. a 2 newspaper (vs. "rag") town.

On the other hand, the promise of an actual newspaper hasn't quite been delivered; this week's Times-Mirror was very big, very heavy, and contained very little actual news - loads of advertising and a big, fat "homes" section.

Speaking of advertising, you might notice Curry's Loudoun and Chantilly Automobile Repair Service featured at the left. Just siphoning off some material from the rags, so my reading will go quicker!


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