Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Reasonable NVTA pressure from Loudoun

The Loudoun County BOS vote yesterday to officially challenge NVTA's expected request on July 13 to obtain affirmation of the constitutionality of the non-elected organization and its taxing authority is a a good example of the right kind of checks and balances we need to move forward with long-term transportation strategy. While the board is somewhate divided, with Bob Marshall firmly in the camp that NVTA doesn't now or ever have the proper legal authority to impose taxes on Northern virginia localities (and is thereby pressuring for a "no" vote on the somewhat hastily assembled collection of taxes to be agreed upon July 12th), and others like Steven Snow more firmly in the camp that "any progress is good progress" towards alleviating our traffic concerns. Loudoun's lone representative on the Board (Scott York) at his recent public meeting was somewhat in the middle, expressing support for reasonable progress while caution in research; his position is reflected by others including Lori Waters and Mick Staton, who are in favor of very reasonable checks and balances in discourse and decisions, by all involved.

We at Dulles South Online fully support Loudoun's decision to challenge NVTA's request for constitutionality as a taxing entity, if only to understand better and without question the actual answer, and actually provide smoother passage of future solutions.


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