Sunday, October 28, 2007

Loudoun County's Modern Moms Magazine...

....launched this past week (by publisher Hulya Aksu, online at; it's a free "mini-mag" available to pick up at local businesses. It's officially called "Loudoun County Modern Mom", and the current edition is for Winter, 2008.

What a great magazine, and a long time coming. There's been a developing online interest and build-up of Loudoun Mom-centric venues, like The Mom Link, Loudoun, the Loudoun Moms Network and our own Dulles South Work-at-Home-Moms "Mom-Force" Blog.

This is really the first "offline" foray, however, and it's a really well put together blend of information, Mom profiles, local advertising and guidance to all things Mom in Loudoun County, with a definite focus on the finer elements of style, businesses and reviews. Great photos and graphics. It's also a really handy 6x9 pocketbook size for easy reference to material from flouride levels in Loudoun County to "7 secrets to starting a business while raising a family".

Altogether a seriously professional publication that deserves first-mover advantage in what's sure to be a growing market for Loudoun-centric publications.


Blogger Murat Aksu said...

Thank you for the kind words about Modern Mom Magazine, Loudoun County. One of the goals of the magazine is to support Loudoun based businesses. There is a special section in the magazine named "Mod in LC" and in this issue, the featured business is Quattro Goombas Winery. Your readers can learn more about them in the "Blogs du Jour" section of


Murat Aksu
Gastronome Magnifique
"eat our words"
Modern Mom Magazine

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