Monday, September 17, 2007

Check your Grocery Store prices

This issue has simply gotten so routine, it's time to write about it. Every single time we visit the Grocery Store, and in particular the Giant in our area, items scanned at the register don't yield the same price as advertised on the shelf, or in the "special" advertisement/insert. EVERY, SINGLE, TIME; for the past year (and many before this). Once a week. Every single shopping trip ends up at the customer service desk, to have item pricing corrected, usually to the tune of 2-5% of my entire order (usually at least $75). Or, like in this last trip, the "Manager" (i.e. untrained in the vaguaries of barcode scanning and the "void" button) has to come over to the register and attempt, unsuccessfully for 10 minutes, to correct the order.

In South Riding, presuming half of the households (@3000) visit Giant each week, and are overcharged $2 per trip; that's $300,000 per year Giant makes extra.

Add that up over the entire region Giant operates, (@180), that's $50,000,000 (50 Million, by my 3rd grade math) per year.

This just isn't good business, for consumers.


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