Thursday, August 02, 2007

Inside the Lenah's Run Speed Patrol

Here's an inside look at the speeding along Rt. 600 Lenah's Run, courtesy of the Loudoun County Sheriff's department, between Braddock Rd. and Rt. 50 - evidently a nice cut-through for those avoiding Gilbert's corner, and a race-course for the your speed, here and everywhere in Dulles South!

"I know from my observations that very few drivers disregard the speed limits in Lenah Run. It is a residential area that has posted speed limit signs of 25
miles per hour. I am sure that not one of your residents would argue
that the speed limit should be anything but that.

However, the speed limit on Lenah Road (Route 600), the primary highway
that runs between John Mosby Highway (Route 50) and Braddock Road (Route
620), and provides the only access to Lenah Run, is also posted at 25
miles per hour. There are signs that are visible as you turn onto Lenah
Road from either Braddock Road or Route 50, which is in compliance with
the Virginia Traffic Code. I have been observing traffic speeds on
Lenah Road to be an average of 40 miles per hour during my daily patrols
though the area. Some vehicles are observed traveling in excess of 45
miles per hour which is reckless driving per Virginia Code 46.2-862
(Speed 20 or more miles per hour over posted limits).

I recently conducted a radar enforcement on lenah road and stopped
motorists who were traveling 35 miles per hour or greater. I issued a
verbal warning to ALL motorists that I stopped. I observed 53 vehicles
during a 30 minute period (approximately 8:00 am). The breakdown of the
speeds were as follows:

Speed 25 mph or less = Zero,
Speed 26 to 34 mph = 12,
Speed 35 to 44 mph = 28,
Speed 45 mph or greater = 13.

I also ascertained from the drivers whether they were residents of the
Lenah Run subdivision or not. Almost 75% of the drivers were from Lenah
Run (37). The rest of the drivers (16) were from out of Loudoun County
and travel to job sites in Loudoun and Fairfax Counties. Those drivers
admitted that they travel northbound on James Monroe Highway (Route 15)
and then use Braddock Road, and subsequently Lenah Road, to avoid the
traffic build-up at Gilbert's Corner (the intersection of routes 15 and

If you would, please send an announcement, or reminder, to your
residents that the posted speed limit on Lenah Road is 25 miles per
hour. Hopefully this will help to lower the speeds on this road, as
well as save your residents the costs associated with a traffic

By the way, with the new "Civil Remedial Fines" associated with
reckless driving charges, a conviction will incur the following

Traffic fines for Reckless Driving = up to $2500.00 (at the discretion
of the court),
Court Processing Fees = $56.00,
Civil Remedial Fine (MANDATORY) = $1050.00,
License Suspension up to 90 days (at the discretion of the court).

Which means a ticket for driving 45 miles per hour or greater on Lenah
Road will cost the driver a total that will range from $1156.00 to
$3656.00. Not to mention the increased insurance rates associated with
a six point traffic offense.

Hopefully you will be able to educate your residents so that I will not
have to "see them in court". I will continue to monitor speeds on Lenah
Road, as well as on the street within your subdivision, but I will no
longer issue warnings for vehicles that I observe exceeding the speed
limit in excess of 45 miles per hour. For the time being, I will use my
discretion when dealing with drivers that are in excess of the speed
limit, but not greater than 44 miles per hour.

Deputy A. Gonzalez #2033
Loudoun County Sheriff's Office"


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