Thursday, July 12, 2007

A Vast Number of Identical Home Businesses

...was a recent remark made in the Loudoun Times-Mirror, regarding attendance at the upcoming Fall South Riding Business Expo - thus leading to acceptance of only one application per business type at the fair. This is a very visible manifestation of the rapidly growing trend of part-time, home-based businesses and enterprises developing quickly in the region, and especially out in Loudoun County (remember the Landsdowne HOA home business hubaloo a few months back?).

Why is this? Today's WAPO offers some explanation, where according to a recent study, "a new majority of working moms in the US would be happiest in part-time jobs, with fewer seeing full-time work as an ideal". Additional explanation is driven by the local economies and real estate depression - simply more Moms and Dads need additional income to keep up with rising taxes (to soon include additional taxes levied by the NVTA!) and adjustable mortgage interest rates. Another factor is the growing undercurrent of acknowledgment that the Public Schools and County Services simply aren't doing enough to provide the right mix of education, interest and supervision both during school and after - especially for teenagers. Therefore Moms are much more interested in having flexible work, near or at home, to participate in teen life and keep an eye on things.

It all boils down to rapid expansion in the numbers of Moms looking for work at home that's flexible, can be part-time, and if possible leverages their professional backgrounds. Dulles South Online's developing "Dulles South Mom-Force" initiative reflects this trend, offering ex-professional Moms an opportunity to showcase their skills and capabilities offered on an outsourcing, work-at-home basis to employers, whether local, regional or Internet-based.

The recently-published eBook the Mom-Force: Volume 1 is a catalyst and example for those taking this route, those who want to transition from full to part-time, at-home work, and those who don't want to simply start another of the "vast number of identical businesses".


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