Thursday, August 23, 2007

Vote 2007 in Loudoun County because...

Vote 2007 in Loudoun County because...

- It's an excuse to sleep in and play hooky from work, then a long lunch, trip to Starbucks, etc.

- Since so few people turn out, your vote will count for 3% of the total!

- You'll be the only one there, so the local reporters (Erika!) will have to interview you

- Free donuts and water bottles from the campaigns (or at least some pens)

- Let’s elect an all-Independent BOS, to hell with the parties!

- So you can write-in Marion Barry – he really needs to move out to the 'burbs

- So you can post pictures of yourself and the candidates (if only cardboard cutouts) on your blog and flickr badge

- To make sure we beat out Fairfax in the cross-county Senate District constituent turnout

- To experiment with "reverse commuting", and see if the roads are still screwed up going the other way

- You get the chance to approve another 4-5-6-7 whole schools to be built! Yahoo, feels good!

- So you can mess with the exit pollers (um...I voted for Steve York)

- So you can finally see the gamer recluse across the street actually take a shower, power down Halo and leave the house – presuming THEY vote, of course

- There's really nothing on TV, on Tuesdays, anyway, and the local hoi polloi is much more entertaining to watch

- Maybe you can write in some nifty NIMBY legislation, like no more daycare providers...oops, Landsdowne's taken care of that

- So you can prove you’re not an illegal immigrant (even if you do duck out of line at the last minute, right after the newspaper catches a shot of you)

- To stick it to the Man (meaning, of course, the Republicans, who want to keep the voter turnout low in fear of all the latent and leaning Democrats crawling out of the woodwork)

- To stick it to the Man (meaning, of course, the Democrats, who really don't want to see anymore excessive fiscal control and prudence in spending – they just want more for those who don't work)

- To simply do the right thing, and get the sticker (and not have your kids blurt out "Mommy doesn't believe in voting" during the Parent-Teacher conference)

What else?


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