Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Drought Conditions and Current Even-Odd Water Restrictions

Following is an email from David Sewell, on Lori Waters' staff (Broad Run, BOS):

"Dear Broad Run Constituents,

On Monday evening, August 6, the Board of Supervisors held a special
meeting with a representative of the Loudoun County Sanitation Authority
to address the near critical drought conditions in Loudoun County.
Attached is the document that LCSA presented to the Board. As of
yesterday, Goose Creek, the main water source for the Ashburn area was
only at 6% of its mean flow. Currently, Loudoun County is under
voluntary water use restrictions; if LCSA does not see a 10% reduction
in water usage over the next month (or if the rainfall does not raise
the water levels sufficiently), however, it will be forced to implement
mandatory water restrictions. Until the drought conditions improve and
the voluntary water restrictions are lifted, please observe the even-odd
rule for watering your yards: even numbered addresses should only water
their yards on even numbered days, and odd numbered addresses should
only water their yards on odd numbered days.

Thank you all and let us hope for rain soon!

David Sewall"


Anonymous Anonymous said...

How will this play out with residents like the repercussions? I was reading an article that stated restrictions like no car wash after a time, no bird baths, no lawn watering and I bumped into a solution for car wash. Has anyone ever head of a waterless car wash?

1:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope this drought clears out soon with some really heavy rain fall. I hate it when it comes to severe water restrictions.

7:08 PM  

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