Thursday, June 26, 2008

Virginia Transportation: Our 2 cents - we want it back!

This week's special session for Virginia's legislative bodies in Richmond regarding transportation appears, appears utterly abysmal, deadlocked, useless, etc. - according to most reports on the subject. Furthermore, reports from sources like the Washington Post indicate "some legislators have already dismissed the session".

This will be short, simple, necessarily politically ignorant. We're getting peeved, sitting in hideous traffic trying to get downtown to jobs that protect America.

Evidently the cost of the session is $20,000 a day, to Virginia taxpayers. Using very rough and probably ill-informed math, that amounts to 2 cents from each tax-paying citizen.

We want it back.

Being so bold as to represent all clear-thinking, traffic-hating, non-partisan residents of the Dulles South area of Northern Virginia, we demand the following from our legislators - in fact, we as constituents DIRECT you to execute the following:

1 - go home, reconstitute, have a beer, and get plans together for the next session, keeping in mind the following points.
2 - give us our 2 cents back. We're out of gas.
3 - take your party badges off; start thinking like professionals.
4 - come back to the next session rested, refreshed and ready to work really hard to keep your jobs - we're ready to vote you and your cronies out the door so fast your heads will spin (listen up! the Internet is talking to you - it's not happy, and has a big stick).
5 - consider and immediately accept all reasonable bills that direct methodical, practical cost-savings measures, that seek to raise transportation revenues via non-tax activities - such as those from one of our locals, Bob Marshall.
6 - pass a bit of a tax, on everyone - frankly, with our gas costs (basically broad-based consumer use taxes in themselves) having risen two dollars a gallon over a very short period, a few more cents really doesn't disturb us - if it did, we've got much bigger problems. It may be NOVA and Hampton Roads who've got the biggest problems, but the entire State, all businesses and all citizens benefit from better traffic conditions.
7 - try again on the special tax-raising initiatives for NOVA; ask us, we'll help.
8 - go home, and maybe we'll invite you back to our barbecue, noting your accomplishments.

Dulles South, Northern Virginia



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