Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dulles South Loudoun Hospital - Rt. 50

Just found this site concerning "The Next Loudoun Hospital", overviewing why the next Southern Loudoun Hospital (Dulles South) area needs to be on Rt. 50.

At issue is the ongoing battle between HCA's intention for a Broadlands area hospital (Broadlands Regional Medical Center, BRMC), and INOVA's intention for a Rt. 50/Dulles South hospital. Some good story background here.

There exists significant opposition by Broadlands residents to the prospect of a hospital in their backyard, as demonstrated by this Stop BRMC site. There's also significant support, at this BRMC support site.

Having lived and conducted business here in the Dulles South region (South Riding) for over 10 years, and traveled extensively to Fairfax or Fair Oaks hospitals and emergency rooms, it's entirely obvious and rational to us that the next significant medical center be built in the Rt. 50/Dulles South corridor, supplementing the recently added Dulles South Urgent Care Centers.

Driving to Broadlands for hospital services, emergency or not, doesn't make sense for any resident along the Rt. 50 corridor - if the option is to actually have a facility on Rt. 50.

The next BRMC/Broadlands Planning Commission Hearing will be on October 15, 2008, 6 PM, at:

Eagle Ridge Middle School
42901 Waxpool Road
Ashburn, Virginia 20148

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