Sunday, August 24, 2008

South Riding Triathlon - Over the Hill Racing

The South Riding Triathlon is coming to Dulles South - Sept. 7th, 7AM, starting near Freedom High School. By the looks of the competition, this event is yanking all the latent, aged athleticism out of the South Riding garages - for what's sure to be a real community event.

Team KME Internet Marketing will be there - 1 individual, and 1 get out and root! (at 7AM, you lubbers!).

Browsing the participant list, more than half of the 326 registered are first-timers, with 94 40-somethings trying to outdo 131 30-somethings. This is also sure to be a menagerie of competitive equipment and style; many competitors we know are basically brushing the cobwebs off the cruising bikes, patching the helmets, getting new shoelaces and struggling to find a bathing suit that both fits and doubles as running/biking shorts. My individual bike, for example, is a 15 year-old Giant mountainbike, with 3 working gears, constant brake rubbing, massive tires and weight, and plenty of squeaking to alert other riders of my slowness. But it works, and may come in useful for a few "shortcuts".

I've decided I'm guaranteed a first place finish in my particular (and private) division, which is the "significantly-past-40-and-20-years-since-college-athletics-now-with-cruddy-equipment-and-40-extra-pounds-and-four-kids-but-stoked-on-hops-oriented-Sat.-night-carb-loading-and-therefore-likely-to-finish-if-not-puke" category.

There's likely quite a crowd in this category, from the looks of things.



Blogger jeffdav said...

I really enjoyed racing the South Riding Triathlon. South Riding seems like a great neighborhood.

- Jeff Davis, Fairfax, VA

Check out my blog where I describe my experience at the triathlon.

2:26 PM  

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