Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Celebrate 375 Maryland years of History in St. Mary’s County – PAX River area.

Did you know – Maryland will be celebrating its 375th birthday next year, 2009. “MD375” or “Celebrate 375” activities and events, as they’re known, will take place all over the state – though the focal point will be St. Mary’s county – a.k.a. “Maryland’s Birthplace”. “Celebrate 375” is in fact the official name of the Celebrate Maryland 2009 program underway by the St. Mary’s County Division of Tourism, headquartered in Leonardtown, MD – in the “PAX River” area of Southern Maryland.

St. Mary’s County, MD is part of the Southern Maryland region (SOMD), and also known as the PAX River area. A prominent landmark and economic engine is the Patuxent (PAX) River Naval Air Station (NAS). Pt. Lookout, a State of Maryland Park on the extreme southern tip of St. Mary’s County, in the Chesapeake Bay, is a mere 100 minute drive direct to downtown Washington DC (with little traffic!). St. Mary’s county is also home to many significant Southern Maryland businesses and other attractions, from Cherry Cove St. Mary’s Hotels and Hospitality services to St. Mary’s college and the numerous waterways and beaches perfect for St. Mary’s sailing or crabbing!

(All you Loudoun Landlubbers need to head on over to St. Mary’s for a nice daytrip or weekend, unencumbered by Bay Bridge traffic! We recommend Rt.4 to Solomons Island and across the “big bridge”, as the most trouble-free route.)

St.-Mary's Sunset

Point Lookout Beach - Southern Maryland PAX River area

From Wikipedia: “The settlement of Lord Baltimore's Maryland began with the arrival of passengers from England at St. Clement's Island in the Potomac River in what is now southwestern St. Mary's County on March 25, 1634 (the anniversary of this landing being annually celebrated as Maryland Day). The passengers arrived in two vessels, the Ark and the Dove, which had set sail from the Isle of Wight on November 22, 1633. The county is also home to the first Catholic Mass celebrated in the original thirteen colonies.”

Celebrating 375 years will be an all-out effort and focus by St. Mary’s government, hospitality businesses and organizations, to both showcase the region’s 375 years of Maryland history, and attract families, tourists, visitors and businesses to the area. Information and special events, deals and other services will be available regarding St. Mary’s hotels and hospitality resources, as the MD 375 events are planned and begin next year. More “MD375” or “Celebrate 375” information will shortly be available via participating businesses, partners and organizations, along with the host St. Mary’s County Tourism Division. PAX River Online businesses and partners will also be promoting 375 years of Maryland history founded in St. Mary’s county. The PAX River Blog will be regularly providing photos and info about St. Mary’s Celebrate 375 events.

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Blogger Spank That Donkey said...

Some of my immediate family still live in Lower Marlboro. My first at-bat was for the Leonard Town Cardinals... I learned to love vinegar eating crabs.... and that photo of sitting on the dock looking at the sunset with a National Bohemian in my hand just warmed my made my day...

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