Sunday, December 07, 2008

Loudoun to Redskins - Happy New Year! Go Away!

We won't pile on too much to the most recent of many (with many more likely to come) uninformed and incomprehensible decisions the Loudoun Board of Supervisor's "new majority" has made - the search above and video below (posted over at "Not Larry Sabato") pretty much says it all.

Instead of piling on this buffoonery, in fact, we'll go ahead and, on behalf of the majority of Loudoun residents who disagree with our elected representatives, re-extend parts of the offer to the Redskins - with a slight modification. Washington Redskins - we'll promote your team and its association with Loudoun County for free on the Internet (as only we can, with our Internet Marketing skills) - all you need to do is provide a nice link back to us from your site. Deal?



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