Saturday, November 15, 2008

Loudoun Business Shout-Out: Topkick Taekwondo, Curry's Auto, Fireworks Pizza

Here's a quick shout-out to some fabulous Loudoun County business we really enjoy, and have received amazing services from...Topkick Taekwondo, Curry's Auto and Fireworks Pizza!

Topkick Tae Kwon Do

Topkick Taekwondo Martial Arts Center in South Riding is truly an amazing center focusing on martial arts, exercise, guidance for living and activities for the entire family. Our entire family attends various activities and events, and the expert, respectful and extremely organized and friendly staff are second to none in terms of program knowledge, competence and overall customer service. A first-rate outfit, and fantastic value in family activities.

Coming Friday, November 21st - "Champion for Life Workshop/Class" FREE for Students and Parents - Meet Martial Arts and Discovery Channel Star Roland Osborne...special dynamic kick combinations, champion's mindset and special focus skills, best kept secrets of Martial Arts training, parenting tips for a successful Black Belt in life, and more!!

Curry's Auto

We recently had two cars in various stages of failure, a bigger domestic SUV and a small fuel-sipping import. Normally we've relied on the dealer for our Chevy SUV, but we weren't sure where to bring the Hyundai here in Loudoun, Dulles South. So we called Curry's Auto Service of Chantilly, and in the space of a week, got both cars repaired and on the road - with absolute expertise and fantastic customer service evident at all times. From Mike at the front desk, to the mechanics who called to explain the myriad problems and routes to correction, we were treated with absolute professionalism and respect, and drove away thoroughly confident in both the expert repairs and fair prices. Thanks, Curry's Auto!

Firework's Pizza

Simply put, the best Pizza and Beer in Loudoun County, period. As a large family, with dining-out interests ranging from great microbeers to sippy cups, this restaurant is now a regular destination for us. The service and waitstaff were absolute professionals and family-friendly, the range of amazing beers was mind-boggling (and certainly hard to "digest" in only one sitting), and the pizzas were fabulous at very reasonable pricing. Though it was a bit cold, we sat outside under the festive lights, and were joined by a really nice crowd in downtown Leesburg. Our highest recommendations and compliments to this great pizzeria!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We had a 4-year-old disenroll from camp, because he was affraid to go in the dojung. He was probably too young and also intimidated by the older kids wieding plastic knives. We received a refund, but they kept $75 of our camp fee. We should have been given the benefit of the doubt here and we are dissapointed with this franchise. Pete

3:33 PM  

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