Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Best Barbeque in - Colorado Springs? B'z BBQ Westward Expansion

BBQ fans in Loudoun County, and Leesburg in particular, will remember B'z BBQ at the Mighty Midget Kitchen - just last year sold and converted into the Hamburg Donor. B'z world-famous BBQ is now found in Paeonian Springs, 40602 Charles Town Pike (a little west of Leesburg on Rt. 9), operating out of the Paeonian Grocery & Gourmet.

It's also found in Colorado Springs, CO, as we've discovered this week.

Somewhere between the 2nd and 3rd magnificent Rocky Mountain IPAs, compliments of the Rocky Mountain Brewery and Homebrew Supplier of Colorado Springs, hunger struck. Following a very east-coastish Parrothead soundtrack, I located the adjacent brewpub food outlet - called B'z BBQ. Could it be?

Over a spectacular Buffalo (!) Bratwurst with spicy, award-winning peach/habanero barbeque sauce, pepper fries w/Dusseldorf mustard and another IPA, my conversation with Dan (? - may have missed the name, on the 4th beer by now) confirmed the fact that this indeed was the western CONUS headquarters of B'z BBQ...a long-distance partnership between a Baltimore native and the original proprietor of the Leesburg B'z, Brian DeVaux.

Tucked in the shadow of Pike's Peak, NORAD/Cheyenne Mountain and Peterson Air Force Base (literally right near the entrance), B'z BBQ and its affiliation with the Rocky Mountain Brewery form a roadside meal and beer tasting combo not to be beat - with some Baltimore flavor, compliments of B'z westward expansion. Beyond our surprise at actually finding such an amazingly perfect beer/brat combo here in Colorado, and the fact that it in fact echoed the equally great fare found in Leesburg and local DC "Beer Country" establishments such as Vintage 50 (have you bought your Northern Virginia Beer Festival tickets yet?), they shared a place name - B'z of CO on Paoina Rd and B'z of VA at Paeonia Springs.

Paoina must be cowboy-talk for "BBQ and Beer in the Loudoun tradition".



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