Saturday, September 19, 2009

WAPO disconnected from Social Media and Online Advertisers in Loudoun

Today's piece on "Loudoun to Media Outlets: How Local Can You Go?" ( is a report flawed by traditional journalistic perspective - i.e. disconnected from the actual realities and energies being executed through social media channels and online advertising, just those things that are only just developing as part of the journalist's arsenal and the traditional media's toolset.

The report describes how "publishers are also stumbling because they are not "hyperlocal" enough"...but doesn't really delve further into the definition of "publishers" than the mainstream news outlets. In the world of Loudoun and Washington DC Internet Marketing and Social Media, "publishers" take all kinds of forms that don't typically resemble traditional "one size fits all" centralized news outlets; rather, publishing happens across a social-media supported ecosystem of micro-news content, micro-funding, and various aggregations of such to serve networks of communities and businesses. A lot of money is flowing into this, as well.

Loudoun is increasingly being served relevant hyper-local and interstitial news and events, opinion/commentary, advertising and relationship-building content through the increasing networks of social media channels, supporters and publishers (both commercial and government) - and these don't include "traditional media". This blog, for example, has a very wide reach far beyond core readers - when adding up the syndications, references, network of content distribution outlets, and other mechanisms used to "feed the social media-o-sphere and encourage direct or asymmetric comment" (all made possible by the rapid growth of "Web 2.0" technologies); the reach is far broader than most local newspapers. Businesses looking to harness this reach, precise segmentations, and flexibilty in delivery and response are quickly jumping on the bandwagon; as are a plethora of DC-area technology and online marketing companies creating programs and capabilities to service the demand (including mobile).

Loudouners can support this growth of relevant, accessible and helpful publishing options and their local businesses, simply by continuing to engage online with the products delivered, and the businesses who are online. Comment often, share your input!

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