Sunday, May 22, 2011

Northern Virginia Business Networking - Fairfax Breakfast Club

Friday morning's "Fairfax Breakfast Club" at Hoop Magic in Chantilly was a great example of the resurgence in small business activity taking place all around the county, relentlessly driving forward the economy through local business networking, local business relationships and local business entrepreneurialism. Basile Lemba's Fairfax business network mission is summed up as: "The main objective of the Fairfax Breakfast Club is to help all guests and attendees achieve their business goals, whatever they may be. By attending our Breakfast Club events, you will the opportunity to build both your networking skills as well as relationships with potential clients, customers, and business partners".

Many diverse, local businesses, from very small to DC regional, hosted tables with information, offers, marketing and networking opportunities for B2B professionals. The event kicked off with an intro from State Senator Mark Herring (D - District 33), who conveyed a message with words from a "Congratulations" letter sent in by U.S. Mark Warner (video below). In all, a motivating example of local Fairfax, Loudoun and Northern Virginia businesses working very hard in the metropolitan DC area to build business relationships and exposure through in-person, managed networking events. As part of an overall local marketing and advertising strategy, exposure and participation in business networking groups such as this is highly recommended - in addition to significant attention to local digital marketing and social media (contact KME Internet Marketing of Chantilly for more information).

Check out some of the pics below.

Fairfax Breakfast Club
Basile Lemba - Founder of the Fairfax Breakfast Club

Fairfax Breakfast Club
The Fairfax Breakfast Club gets underway at Hoop Magic, in Chantilly VA

Fairfax Breakfast Club
Intelligent Office, Alexandria VA - with Matt Whitaker, President.

Fairfax Breakfast Club
JK Moving Services in Sterling, VA, with Dennis Bell, Certified Moving Consultant

Fairfax Breakfast Club
Cartvertising Local Franchise - Shopping cart advertising displays, with Dave Fox, Regional Manager

Virginia Senator Mark Herring addresses the Breakfast Club, with words from a "Congratulations" letter sent in by U.S. Mark Warner

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