Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Fairfax Corner Dentist offers free oral cancer screening

Here's a very important, free service not too far across the border into Fairfax...

Smiles at Fairfax Corner Dentist Office Offering Free Oral Cancer Dental Screenings
Two minutes could save your life!

You may have heard in the news of Michael Douglas' battle with throat cancer - but he isn't alone in this fight: more than 100 new individuals will be diagnosed with oral cancer each day. What may be even more alarming is that it kills one person every hour of every day, a trend that has been consistent for more than 40 years.

According to the Oral Cancer Foundation, "at least 25 percent of those diagnosed with oral cancer are non-smokers". Over the last ten years there has been a steady decline of tobacco use and more evidence pointing toward an oral cancer connection to the HPV virus, changing the demographic of those at risk. The quickest growing segment of the oral cancer population is young, healthy, non-smokers due to the connection to this virus.

Oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Steven M. Roser, DMD, MD, and an oral pathologist, Robert O. Greer, DDS, advise that the typical location of cancers within the oral cavity has changed over the past five years, "we are now seeing cancer in the lips, tongue, gingival, floor of the mouth, tonsils, salivary glands, and other oral and pharyngeal areas". They went on to say, "the survival rate for oral cancer is about 50 percent, and survival rates for cancers detected earlier are much better than rates for cancers identified in later stages."

Unfortunately, only about one third of all oral cancers are detected in stage I: the earliest stage. Therefore, early detection of suspicious lesions by dentists, with referral to an oral and maxillofacial surgeon for biopsy and timely treatment, offers patients the best chances of survival from oral cancers.

Regular checkups at your dental office and self-evaluations of both your mouth and throat are both essential. Be aware of any bumps, discoloration of tissue (such as white or red areas) or changes to the mouth, throat, tongue and lips.

Smiles at Fairfax Corner Dentist Office will be providing free oral cancer screenings through the end of December 2011. An oral cancer screening should be conducted every year, so take advantage of this free offer and get screened today. For more information about risk factors and prevention of oral cancer, or to schedule your screening, please contact Smiles at Fairfax Corner via our website, or at 703-222-3245.

For more information about dental services in Fairfax Corner, including sedation dentistry, oral wellness, preventative dentistry and other dental services, visit the Smiles Dental Office at Fairfax Corner in Northern Virginia.

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