Saturday, December 17, 2011

New Invention - Deck Railing Table Tray Made in Loudoun County USA

In the spirit of local, Loudoun County USA American entrepreneurial spirit and a legacy of “Made-in the USA” manufacturing history, Over the Edge Creations, LLC proudly offers its newest product line “The-DeckMate”.

The-DeckMate is a patent-pending polished, aircraft-grade aluminum and solid glass deck railing table tray, easily and securely installed for additional working or entertaining space on any deck, porch or patio railing. This absolutely unique and highly functional deck railing table is an all-weather, durable and beautifully-designed addition and compliment to any outdoor living area, whether installed permanently or for temporary use.

The-DeckMate is now available for purchase in limited quantities here at, and is available to resellers and retailers in wholesale lots. The-DeckMate is currently available in two sizes, with many additional configurations and uses to come – including a deck rail mounted herb garden, disposal bin and with additional decorative and adjustment features.

Truly Made in Loudoun County USA

Invented and designed in Ashburn, VA by Chris Petrakis of Over The Edge Creations, The-DeckMate is wholly manufactured, assembled and shipped from Tallulah, LA – an agriculture-based yet growing regional center for shipping and manufacturing in the heart of Bayou Country USA. All corporate, marketing and manufacturing operations are based in the Southeast USA, in full support of the renewed and critical “Made in America” movement sweeping the nation during this troubled economic recovery.

“It’s incredibly important to both support local economies and help small businesses such as mine create and produce products that employ Americans and save jobs” says Mr. Petrakis, “my own story is similar to many, many others generated out of family-run startups, balancing the needs of raising a family with building a small business in a very tough economy. I’m very happy to support the engine that drives America’s growth and global leadership for future generations”.

The-DeckMate solves many challenges and offers many solutions for small or cramped outdoor deckspace, quickly and easily creating an extra surface that’s both practical and decorative. It functions as a removable deck caddy, a temporary deck tray, a deck railing table accessory and as a porch or balcony rail table - highly functional, extremely useful and set up or removed in minutes.

Purchase The-DeckMate today for your own deck, as a winter or spring holiday gift (Christmas to Mother's Day), and find additional space and use for your outdoor deck railings when entertaining, gardening or simply for decorative appeal!

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Blogger Iris Wise said...

This is absolutely great. I really like this deck railing table tray. It is indeed awesome to experience the outdoor view in one's home. This can make home a personal haven. Thanks for sharing.

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