Sunday, March 25, 2012

Ford's Fish Shack Ashburn Seafood Restaurant - Go There Now

We rarely praise a local business in effusive, sober, unsolicited terms (it's Sunday morning, after all) - but it's now time. Ford's Fish Shack restaurant and bar in Ashburn (near the Ice House) is simply amazing, spectacular and just a really well-balanced, expert delivery of everything a suburban independent themed-restaurant should be...not available in Dulles South, and sprinkled among only a few restaurants in Leesburg and Reston.

The drink menu is perfect, and just yanks you in - with only the very best beers available in our area, by far the best selection east of Fireworks Pizza (Leesburg), west of Dogfish Head Ale House (Rt. 50) and more weather-protected than the NOVA Brewfest. After a Dogfish Head 75 (very rare) and Victory Hop Wallop (just about the most perfect and local incarnation of a hoppy IPA), I wasn't able to try the local Ashburn Rhino..but next time (and it'll be real soon). Pomegranate margarita and blueberry martinis graced the other side of the table - and all was good in drinkland.

The everpresent and encyclopediac (wikipediac?) manager Wayne was constantly available with expert advice on beers, oysters, menu items, local happenings, real-time status of the specials as they ran out fast...he should simply live-blog and tweet all night ("Wayne's Lobstah World"). We had "Wayne's New England Cod", of course, loaded with lump crabmeat and basil mashed - a huge, fat piece of juicy North Atlantic fish...The Connecticut-style Lobstah Roll was absolutely perfect, with loads of real lobster and the perfect complement of slaw, sauce and a soft, not-overpowering roll.

Starting the feast with some regional oysters was a necessity for us (so long as there was some Lobstah to be had later); a couple of Providence, RI premiums and Easter Shore MD seasonals were really tasty (firm and opaque, with just enough saltiness, but not overpowering fishiness or gooiness). Just a tiny bit of lemon needed - no point in any other garnish.

Call-ahead seating was a must this rainy Saturday night - and when we got there an hour later, seating among the lobster and crab pot buoys happened within half a beer. The kid's menu looked pretty tasty, and there were some about...but it's not a real big restaurant, and larger tables would require some pre-planning. This place is truly a unique and well-represented suburban haven for classic-yet-current New England style seafood - without trying too hard. Please open another in the Chantilly area.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes,PLEASE open another one in the Dulles South area, preferably in South Riding. We desperately need an increased variety of good restaurants!

6:39 PM  

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