Friday, November 09, 2007

Loudoun Blogging - slowing down a bit

It appears the blogs have started to fall quiet in Loudoun County, on the one hand probably exhausted by the election, on the other hand scooped up by's "stable" of bloggers under the "Living in Loco" nameplate, or by the Loudoun Times Mirror blogging troop...

Blogs that have stalled:

-Landsdowne, and out in the Open - "Earlier this week, I signed an independent contractor agreement with Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive to provide between 4 and 8 stories (a.k.a., “blogs”) per month to the “Living in LoCo” section of Loudoun Extra"...more content for the Post's awakening giant in LoCo, soon Fairfax also...
-Another Loud Blog - quiet now, no more posts
-Loudoun Leadership - maybe once a month, now
-Loudoun Talk - no talk since Sept.
-Loudoun School Dais - every month or so - maybe Tom'll check in more frequently with his re-election
-Equality Loudoun - election's over, no more posts
-Eastern Loudoun News - flash in the pan, no more posts
-Pastoral - dribbling, last posts in Oct.
-Loudoun Travelers - travel agency isn't doing too much business
-Leesburg Tomorrow - still giddy from the election

Here's the ones that are still buzzing, though slowing:

-Loudoun Schools Feedback - great, thoughtful stuff!
-Loudoun Restaurant and Beer Reviews - new review just added!
-Loudoun SEO - very interesting comments on the Internet and the Election
-The Mom-Force WAHM blog - about once or twice a month now....Mom must be busy
-Loudoun Insurance - regular updates
-Loudoun Clear (Chamber of Commerce) - fairly regular updates by a core group of businesses
-Phoebe's Place - the library's still hoppin'
-Too Conservative - still active, but what's next, now the political excitement's over?
-Sterling Volunteer Fire - still active
-Pete Shaw's Homepage - still active
-Our Loudoun Schools - going strong
-Notviva Vineyard - catching up on some sleep
-Mommy Life - well, she's pretty busy
-Loudoun Stats - even in the downturn, these guys are running strong
-Loudoun Proud - keeping up, week to week
-Loudoun Force - still activating
-Loudoun Democrats - well, they're taking a much deserved early spring break
-Loudoun Career Firefighters - still fightin'
-LVFC - still cookin', though hard to tell with no blog entry dates visible
-Brambledirt - still dirtin'
-Becoming a Firefighter - still working on it
-Allergy Free in Loudoun - still providing good info

and last but not least....

-Gateway to Loudoun County - really the only regular, cross-cutting collection of regularly interesting stuff out there (of course!)


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Allergyfreeinloudoun is now

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