Saturday, January 05, 2008

In dire need of new Dulles South restaurants!

A letter's been circulating in Dulles South lately, imploring those residents interested in better dining options to add their names to a list petitioning Great American Restaurants to place one of their brands in the coming "East Gate Market Place Center" (south side of Rt. 50 at the Loudoun/Fairfax border).

Great American Restaurants owns Sweetwater Tavern, Mike's American Grill, Coastal Flats (just about the best restaurant we've ever been to in this area), and other brands.

This is good precedent, for community activism to arise to the challenge of convincing developers, investors and retailers to provide what's both needed and desired, from the resident's point of view.

To join the fray, and add your voice to the clamor for finer dining in this Loudoun Gateway region, read this note (that will be going to the developer, along with all signatories), and send us an email ( Include your name, home or businesss address and email, and we'll batch 'em and forward on to the originator, Kathy Caputo Worek. Please also forward this message or link to anyone you think might be in support of an "upper-casual" restaurant in our area.



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