Sunday, April 13, 2008

Dulles Urban Legends Part I

Here's the first of what we hope are more "Urban Legends" in this end of Loudoun County. You know, things everyone's "heard of", and tacitly accept, but don't really know the source. Printable, historical gossip.

We've heard (but obviously neither believe nor encourage it) that, at "high tide" on the Dulles Toll Road (i.e. between 8 and 9AM), it's actually possible to travel the entire length (from Rt. 28 to the main toll plaza) without ever coming to a complete stop. Legally, of course, and in preposterously-heavy traffic. How so?

The "Dulles Slalom", of course. We probably don't have all the details, and are simply recounting this as totally unverified conjecture - like in a dream, or, in this case, a message from the road gods. "Legally merge far left at the on-off ramp mid-point; merge far right 300 yards before the exit; ride the offload boost; rinse and repeat until the HOV lane opens" - we believe we heard the road gods say. In our dream, we may have actually seen or experienced this event happen - where various lanes stop completely, at seemingly strange intervals - but a single car or small pellaton seems to never get caught in the crush. They just sail right through, making the most of the tiny yet predictable advantages generated by the supposedly unpredictable highway rhythm.

Any other Dulles Urban Legends out there?


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