Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Braddock Village Plan Rejected

The Board of Supervisors finally killed (rejected) the proposed Braddock Village Plan, a community of 500 houses southwest of Arcola. While the proffers would've resulted in badly-needed infrastructure, including youth sports fields, road improvements and school facilities, this last vestige of the hyper-accelerating residential growth in this area of the county was the last nail in the coffin of the old board, by the new board, in establishing its reputation and direction.

With an increasing and accelerating drumbeat underway by economic and business interests to drastically improve the number and calibre of businesses locating (or staying) in the County, the absolute pressing need to improve the traffic situation around the "Dulles Loop", the undercurrent of intention and need for a George Mason campus expansion in the area, and the race between INOVA and HCA to establish a significant foothold from a Hospital/Medical Center perspective in Dulles South, this next 4 years is a great opportunity for the BOS to make great headway in increasing the "Tier 1" intellectual and commercial tax base presence in the Dulles South area. Imagine a "Gateway to Loudoun" area with a regional Medical Center, University campus programs, large office complexes for regional employers, the new Gum Spring library, all with rapid access (at all times of day) to the Airport and a slew of brand-new retail and restaurant options.

It seems the engine of economic recovery for Loudoun may be starting to turn, down in the Dulles South bulls-eye.



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