Saturday, February 16, 2008

Petition to Retain the Existing Arcola Community Center

The new Dulles South Multi-Purpose Center in South Riding is evidently not large enough to accommodate all the activities previously being held in the existing Arcola Community Center, including daycare, senior programs, etc...there's now a petition to the Loudoun BOS to keep the Arcola Community Center open, as mentioned by this letter to parents -

"Dear parents:

I apologize for sending another message if you have already signed the petition to retain an Arcola Community Center. Thank you for your support. This is just a reminder for those of you who have not signed to please visit and sign before February 19th when the Arcola Community Center Advisory Board will present the petition to the Board of Supervisors. We hope to get 500 signatures and have about 400 right now. All adult members of the household can sign. Feel free to e-mail the advisory board at with any questions. Please consider passing this petition link on to interested neighbors and friends. Thank you!

Laura TeKrony
Arcola Community Center Advisory Board President "



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