Saturday, January 19, 2008

Dulles South Multipurpose's all in a name

This week's Easterner had a South Riding Scoop entry on new community centers, speaking to the new "Arcola Community Center" and the "Riding Center Community Center". speaks to the "Dulles South Multipurpose Center", but a front page poll solicits new names for the "South Riding Community Center" - the leading candidate now being "South Riding Center" (with about 70 votes). The Loudoun County Government site uses the "Dulles Multipurpose Center" as a name, though most documents include the "South".

There's actually two centers here - one run by the Loudoun County Parks and Recreation Department, and one run by the South Riding Proprietary for residents only. They both front Riding Center Drive, about a quarter mile from each other.

The "Dulles South Multipurpose Center" is a community center at 24950 Riding Center Drive in South Riding - Phase I is nearly complete (by June), to offer preschool, senior center and community services activities.

Dulles South Multipurpose Center, South Riding, VA 01/19/2008

The "Riding Center Community Center" is a residents-only South Riding facility and pool on 42420 Unicorn Drive in South Riding, and is complete and ready to open for this Summer.

Riding Center Community Center, South Riding, VA  01/19/2008



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