Sunday, March 16, 2008

Don't turn your backs on Dulles South students...

Quite a large public response is building to the current intentions of the BOS, given extreme County budget pressures, to significantly cut back and delay delivery of critical new educational facilities in Dulles South. The message is - don't let the future of our County, and our State, down for lack of bare minimum school facilities they deserve. Here's the latest message from Cheryl Bacak (Mercer Middle and Freedom High School PTA presidents) -

"Hi everyone!! I apologize if you received this more than once from either me or Sarah Lichter, but as you read you will understand the urgency. Decisions on the budget and the CIP will happen possibly as early as next week(which is spring break for us). So please act today!

Thank you for taking the time to write a letter to the supervisors or attending the next BOS meeting Wednesday, March 19 at 6:30 pm.

At this link, you will find a flyer with information about how critical a massive public response is to making sure the students of Dulles South are protected in regards to their education.

I PLEAD with each of you to circulate this information amongst our communities in Dulles South. Emails, flyers, calls to friends and neighbors, and your own personal time spent contacting the media and the Loudoun Board of Supervisors members will have an impact....time is of the essence.

Dulles South pulled together to get Freedom High School built. It was a hard won fight, and one that was only achieved because the community at large got involved.

We have very little time to make an impact on this vote. There is no tomorrow.

PLEASE DON'T IGNORE THIS MESSAGE. Take it one step further and pass it along. Talk to your friends and neighbors. Don't be a citizen who wonders...HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??....take a moment, and take action!!

We can have an impact on the BOS vote!!

Thank you once again!!

Cheryl Bacak"



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