Saturday, April 26, 2008

Take a Limo to your Next Loudoun Concert!

Running errands around Loudoun County or Northern Virginia, driving children to school, or simply out for a stroll, every once in a while you'll notice it. It's unmistakable and hard not to notice, or stare at - that long, glittering denizen of the rich and powerful known as the limousine or "limo". Sometimes it's a nondescript black Lincoln, or "stretch" town car, other times it's a super-modified Hummer or long, white beast with 3 rear axles and a built-in hot tub. Many "limos" aren't actually sleek, dark and low-riding cars; they're actually smaller, custom-equipped vans or buses. The car's not as important to consider and evaluate as the thought of who might be inside, and what they might be doing (or thinking of you!). Outside of Hollywood's Oscars night, however, you might be surprised at who's being treated to a fabulous and stress-free ride.

You know them! It's probably your neighbor, or some group of friends or business acquaintances you actually know inside that limo. And not dressed in bow-ties or gowns, either. Very likely a group of your neighbor's kids, heading off to this year's Prom. For you, the prospect of an exciting limo ride is probably reserved only for the most special and predictable of occasions, like a wedding, prom or anniversary. For many of those around you, limousine service is a very reasonable luxury, and in fact a quite rational and affordable decision for many types of outings. It may even be standard business or entertaining necessity, more inexpensive and reliable than regular taxi service.

For example, there are several global computer consulting companies with large campuses and educational facilities outside of cities such as Washington DC, Chicago and San Diego, some up to 90 minutes beyond the airport. Rather than support the constant stream of one and two-person, expensive cab rides, the companies contract with San Diego limousine providers for service to and from the airport. Most stretch limos can accommodate up to 10 passengers, and most passengers are your typical rank and file employees attending training. The companies save a lot of money, ensure reliable and consistent service for their employees, and add a touch of panache to the start and end of some long training sessions. Many businesses with employees located outside of town, away from the public transit system, routinely offer limo service for after-hours service - again, it's a reliable, professional, courteous, safe, clean and ultimately very comfortable and stress-free way to end a very late and tiring day.

Around your neighborhood, perhaps you've noticed limos appearing at times of year other than prom season. It very well may be a group of friends sharing a ride to a professional sports arena, where parking and traffic is otherwise a nightmare. A limousine service might be picking up several couples for transport to a local, Loudoun County concert or event, thereby avoiding the dangers associated with late evenings out in strange places, including sleepiness, "driving while drinking" and getting lost in less civilized areas of town. You might even see a bunch of 4th-graders happily piling into a private limo for a special birthday party, and to visit the Baltimore Aquarium or DC Zoo - much easier to organize and account for the children, ensure their privacy, and get on-call, front row drop-off and pickup service. Using a professional limo service can also provide peace-of-mind when transporting loved ones or children - there's a competent driver, a service organization and a team of people making sure the entire experience runs smoothly and safely. (It'll also make your Loudoun Auto Insurance agent happy!).

In short, it's really you who belongs in that limo - along with your friends, family and business associates. Sure, the high-rollers and entertainment elite ride only in limos or personally-chauffeured luxury cars - but you can and should also, especially if there's more than one. Get there quickly, safely, comfortably and at a very reasonable group price, and keep the paparazzi guessing at who's behind those darkened windows!



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Thanks for the review of their service, i hv used them in past & they'r good

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