Thursday, January 29, 2009

Loudoun County Dulles South Middle School Site Approval - MS-5

From Dulles District Supervisor Stevens Miller, regarding MS-5 approval -

"Leesburg Today is reporting that, at Tuesday night's meeting, the Loudoun County school board voted to approve acquisition of land for MS-5. The school is now scheduled for opening in the fall of 2011.

I applaud the school board for its speedy location of, review of, and decision to purchase this site, which I personally see as highly desirable for its size, location, and price. Under the new process for site acquisition that allows the board of supervisors to comment early on potential sites, the school board has known from the beginning that no supervisor has raised any objection to this assemblage (known as the "Williamson" and "Bailey" properties) for use in hosting MS-5. At the earliest possible board meeting, I will move to have all administrative and legislative processing of applications related to MS-5 and this site designated for expedited handling.

My thanks to the school board and the land-acquisition staff members of LCPS for their hard work on this purchase. I know that the process of finding a good location for MS-5 has tested their skills and dedication, just has it has tested the patience of parents all over the area MS-5 will serve. But, I believe this resolution proves that everyone involved has shown their commitment to the welfare of the children of the south part of the Dulles district. I also believe that this announcement marks the start of further cooperative efforts between the school board and the board of supervisors, to the benefit of everyone in Loudoun county.

I have invited school board chairman Robert DuPree to join in me in a community meeting, to be scheduled soon, to meet with parents in the MS-5 service area. We'll be eager to discuss the new process that lead to the purchase of this site, how it can be improved, and what's next for schools
in the Dulles district.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

All "site approval" means in this case is the School Board voted to approve a contract to purchase.

IOW, we are exactly where we were when all hell broke loose on Lenah.

The land is also transitional, so hopefully the usual suspects will change their minds on the "appropriateness" of schools as a use in the TPA.

Everyone will need to stay on top of this; unless the process is changed, it can't really be "expedited" (unless by this Miller means he won't vote against this one).

Barbara Munsey

7:42 AM  

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