Friday, January 09, 2009

DC Wine Country - Post Inauguration Tour of Loudoun

Here's a nice alternative to poking around DC after the Inauguration, a historical tour of Loudoun County - from the Loudoun Visitor's Association "DC's Wine Country" Blog...

"Loudoun County, VA is just 25 miles from DC but this month, Loudoun County finds a way to stay connected to the most infuential Inauguration in History. Since its founding in 1757, Loudoun County has experienced first-hand many significant political events and connections. From George Washington traveling along a historic Loudoun road to witnessing the battlefield death of a sitting U.S. Senator, to significant events today, including a rally in October of 2008 by then Presidential Candidate Senator Barack Obama, Loudoun has witnessed pivotal political and presidential history."

Read more about DC's wine country in Loudoun County...

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