Thursday, February 19, 2009

Caylie Goes to School - Life of a New Paws4People Veteran's Service Dog

Here's a sample from the lives of paws4people - Caylie visits a school, and along with Wyatt, is getting ready for assignment with their Veterans as service dogs...

From Kyria's Blog

Read much more about this wonderful organization (paws4people) and growing collection of canine companions, in their adventures with "clients" and training with inmates...

"yesterday, CAYLIE had one of her first days out and about with us. she went in chik-fil-a for lunch, then we went on our first school visit in cheat lake. CAYLIE followed CHAENEY's lead and acted as though she'd been going to school for months. she showed off some tricks and cuddled very nicely with the kids. afterwards, she slept through a meeting at panera. although CAYLIE was beyond all expectations for her first day out, she also proved to be a lot like her big brother, COLT. there were a few times she looked right at me and suffered from temporary deafness when i said a command. they are definitely equally stubborn, but also equally lovable...and for all of us who know COLT and thought that was impossible, i promise you it's true! so, although she has a good deal left to learn, i don't think CAYLIE is going to put up too many obstacles to getting ready for jack, but i'll keep you posted : )

most exciting of all, we now have BRADIE's favorite little shadow, WYATT, joining us here at the apartment. he'll be staying with me for a while, likely until we find his veteran. he'll be going out with me to class today for the first time since coming back from karen, so i'll be sure to provide a detailed report card ; ) happy friday!


Read more of these service dog exploits, and support paws4people and other Virginia charities via its charity raffle, win 1 of 1,754 prizes, or win the Grand Prize, $1 Million!

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