Friday, January 30, 2009

Herrity vs. Bulova - Fairfax County Supervisor Chairman Vote 2/3

One thing's for sure in this coming Tuesday's special election for the Fairfax County Board of Supervisor's Chairman position, there's a lot at stake. On the one hand, there's a massive budget shortfall and prospect of significant cuts in world-class services, education and other amenities of the county. On the other hand, there's some absolute imperatives required to maintain Fairfax county's ability to attract and retain businesses, residents, and other generators of county income. On the other, other hand, it's time to be seriously fiscally prudent yet wise in the balance of change needed for financial investment and cuts; expertise, wisdom and non-partisanship that seems to have been in short supply over the past years as Fairfax slipped to its 17% budget shortfall. So, who to vote for, Herrity or Bulova?

Tough choice, but one that needs to be made by as many of those both responsible for participating in the outcome (i.e. business owners, politicians, organizations and consumers), as those responsible for past errors and lack of appropriate wisdom (i.e. business owners, politicians, organizations and consumers). Everybody needs to get out and vote, and vote not from a National perspective, but from a very local and regional perspective.


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