Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Should your Northern Virginia or Loudoun Business Tweet?

Here's a bit of advice via the KME Internet Marketing of Loudoun expert community, regarding your decision as a business owner to tweet or not to tweet. We're finding this is a pervasive question among most small to medium-sized businesses; the answers align with existing online marketing and communication strategies.

"The jury’s still out for most businesses on whether or not significant effort is made in “tweeting” information via – but the evidence is IN regarding whether or not to simply sign up and prepare to do so.

Your company’s online popularity, reputation and ultimately success is derived from two core things – what you say, and what others say about you. Let’s address these communication elements as “attributed source information” (ASI). “Attributed” from the perspective that there is in fact a known source (though it may be an anonymous ID), “source” from the perspective that it’s the very first sincere representation of the communication or concept actually published online, and “information” in that it’s not just some data or graphic fragments, it’s actually a message or concept with enough context to drive interest..."

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