Saturday, October 24, 2009

Real-time Loudoun County News, Business and Information on Twitter

Are you using Twitter? Think of it as another channel on your TV - turn it on every once in a while (or simply stare at the feed all day long on your blackberry, as we do!), and scan what's happening. Follow your favorite "tweeple", meet some new ones, and check these handcrafted, knowledgeable sources out for more info about Loudoun...

@loudoun - our primary Twitter
@loudoun_news - a hand-curated, metered aggregation of Loudoun-centric media and tweeters
@northernva_news - another aggregation, but covering all of Northern Virginia
@fairfax_county - another aggregation, covering Fairfax to the east

(Note these are not "official" government channels - though most gov't sources are included in these aggregated feeds.) For example:

@loudouncountyva - official Loudoun County
@fairfaxcounty - official Fairfax County

There's also now a new Twitter @loudounhealth we've set up to monitor Loudoun health/H1N1 media, and to monitor various physician/health center page updates on the subject. Not much info is readily available in social media from Loudoun providers at the moment, without going directly to particular websites or news outlets.

Find some other notables at this "Loudoun News/Info Twitter List"

Send us more suggestions of the very best Loudoun-Centric news, business, education, community information blogs!



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