Friday, November 16, 2007

Pressure-treated Lumber still leaching arsenic - on playgrounds, decks, etc.!

Great story by Melanie Alnwick on FOX5 DC about "Poison Wood" aired Nov. 13th on TV - it is or nearly is an "unacceptable risk to children" on playgrounds, backyard decks and swingsets, at your home or daycare centers. Read, learn, respond.


Anonymous Chris Estes said...

What is the solution?

Metal? <--what about tetanus?

Plastic? <--More expensive to repair if broken

What may even be scarier is homes are built with these same components even pool decks, and other play type areas around the home. I once read that most accidents happen at home. Can't quote the source but I believe it to be the same theory as kids toys at home or in the park. They are just a dangerous at home as in the park. It is defiantly something t think about.

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