Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is coming, here in Northern Virginia - I know it, I can feel the anxiety a card good enough? Do I need to send flowers or a gift? Should I actually throw the kids in the car and drive for a visit?

Luckily, the Internet exists. Along with the Internet, comes email - a very lazy, disembodied vehicle with which family obligations regarding in-person communications can be addressed, in 30 seconds at zero cost (after technology capital investment and depreciation are factored in, of course).

Instead of a self-help book or snippets from Oprah/Rosie about what to do with your life, send an ebook, like the Mom-Force (for those Moms who want to get back into the workforce). Instead of organizing a visit with friends and family, introduce your Mom to an entire social network, magazine and online forum, like I Am Modern Magazine and Mom's Lifestyle Social Forum (complete with Spa Reviews!). For the very practical-minded, send along a complimentary Northern Virginia Handyman or Northern Virginia Landscaper - to fix those pipes or fight those weeds. Heck, send along a San Diego-style Hummer Limo, for a quick breakfast outing.

Lots of ideas and couch-control options out there - just make sure your laptop batteries are charged.



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