Thursday, September 30, 2010

Video for a Rainy Thursday in Loudoun

Simply masterful - enjoy on a rainy Thursday...

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Do it Yourself Mechanics and Virginia Auto Repair in Sterling – Your Personal Garage, Professionally Enhanced

Many years ago, when we first moved to a new apartment in Northern Virginia, I regularly lamented the absence of a garage and workbench for meddling with wood projects or tinkering with personal auto repair. Not that I’d typically do more than fix a headlight, swap the wipers or change the oil, but there certainly were times that I would’ve rather provided my own labor to replace a muffler or perform some more challenging diagnostic and repair activities on a rainy Sunday afternoon listening to the ‘Skins – vs. pay someone else, especially the dealer, some budget-busting labor rates. These days, our home garage still lacks for room, proper tools or expert advice with which to successfully explore the car’s innards, stuffed as it is with a menagerie of children’s toys, bikes and other suburban refuse. I can now, however, take my car to someone else’s garage nearby – a total do-it-yourself oasis complete with modern equipment, tools, online manuals, onsite expertise and all the other trappings needed to cut auto and motorcycle repair expenses in half.

Do It Yourself Mechanics in Sterling VADo It Yourself Mechanics is an absolutely complete Do-It-Yourself vehicle repair center located in Sterling, VA (near Claude Moore Park and Dulles Town Crossing). The safe, fully-licensed ultra-modern facility offers a professional, clean work environment with professional bays, lifts, tools, automotive supplies and shop equipment for rent for the hour, day, week or month. Each rental bay comes with a 210 piece tool set. This very unique, one-of-a-kind concept of auto repair helps save up to 50% or more on auto repair expenses – in addition to offering the regular or weekend auto mechanics enthusiasts a fantastic venue to learn and practice the craft.

The do-it-yourself option is supplemented as needed by onsite, certified mechanics and staff to assist with more complex or challenging projects. All kinds of training classes are in the works, as are special deals including long-term rentals for independent mechanics, late-night fleet vehicle services, and wholesale pricing on tires and remanufactured engines or transmissions.

This kind of service is perfectly suited to our recovering economy, providing self-sustainment options to save money or earn some extra, while taking advantage of Internet-accessible information and wholesale purchasing power. The concept also delivers a great outlet for budding auto mechanics and hobbyists who otherwise might be stymied by lack of the right tools, unsafe or inaccessible working conditions. “We love cars, and want to make a passion for cars affordable” says Rick Poage, VP of Marketing & Sales for the shop. “Everyone that walks in here says the same thing – first, I’ve always thought of doing this myself, and second, this place is so clean!"

Find Do It Yourself Mechanics online, and at 21606 Cedar Lane Ste 100 in Sterling VA – or call them at 703-421-8855 to schedule rental times from 9AM-8PM M-W, 9AM-9PM Th-Sat, and 9AM-6PM on Sundays.

Special Event - On Wednesday- September 29, Do It Yourself Mechanics will host the Pit Crew from 1067 THE FAN 6-9PM as they record their show from the shop! Sign up for an invitation entitling you to a hors d'oeuvre-style buffet dinner provided by Mimi's Cafe (served at our shop from 5:00 to 6:00 PM). Also included is a special photo session with the Pit Crew as they record and stream their radio show for CBS SPORTS- 1067 THE FAN.

Advance Auto Parts, BG Products, Cornwell Tools and Auto Magic Cleaning Supplies will be there for consultation and/or advice on all car and tool needs. Staff from the nearby Allsports Grand Prix (Indoor Karting!) will also be in attendance - "helmet not required". There will also be special drawings and exclusive prizes for guests - RSVP soon (via the Do It Yourself Mechanics Facebook Page or through the website) as space is limited and is sure to fill up fast.

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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Totally Made in Loudoun - A Loudoun Video Production - Vintage 50 Restaurant

Enjoy this video of the consummate "Made in Loudoun" restaurant, Vintage 50 of Leesburg, VA and Vintage 51 of South Riding....compliments of KME Internet Marketing and Video Production.

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Saturday, September 04, 2010

It's Not Illegal to be Homeless in Loudoun

So, what happens when a child comes up and says something like "there's a huge bow and arrow in the woods over there, where we've seen a teenage girl living for a few weeks"? This local event happened recently in South Riding, and proved to be a revealing set of "lessons learned" - plus an example of how a mature community association can spring into action.

After this "by the way" remark, and a subsequent parent's inspection of the wooded area about 20 yards away from driveways, yards and houses where about 30 young children routinely play - sure enough, a serious compound hunting bow with several medieval-calibre metal-tipped arrows were found, along with a deflated blow-up mattress, backpack, food refuse and other "camping" litter. The mattress was deflated, evidently the target of thrust-and-parry training exercises wrought on it by, after further local questioning, some of the pack of little boys (i.e. the "real" community watch patrol) who had discovered the site 2 weeks earlier.

Further cursory inspection revealed some business cards, with local housing, moving and "family and adolescent counseling" service providers...not the kind of thing you like to see associated with the owner of suburban hunting equipment, right?

The first round of local Dulles South Public Safety Center Sheriff response was prompt, but ended a bit unsatisfactory - along with the comments (paraphrased) that "it's not illegal to be homeless in Loudoun", and "owning hunting equipment isn't illegal", "I can't take the bow, it's simply discarded property", and "I guess I could write down some numbers from the cards, and make a few calls" (after some prompting).

The unfolding story and evidence seemed to clearly point to a young person in trouble, a family in need, a potentially escalating danger to the community, an immediate danger to little kids, and all kinds of community property violations...but the initial law enforcement response was fairly tepid, though probably, technically, accurate (and perhaps correct in terms of relativity to other County or Homeland Security concerns?). Enter the South Riding Proprietary.

They came quickly, complete with clean-up crew and a full, new compliment of Sheriff department representatives - intent on actually making a report, securing the dangerous items, and following through with further investigation. As the Proprietary Manager put it, "we've got a great relationship with the Sheriff's department, and this isn't usually how things are handled - plus we're very concerned about the potential adolescent involved..." Unlike the first encounter, this second was much more consistent with community and parental expectations and pure reason, and hopefully will result in the help somebody needs.

For any of the families involved in the situation, it's comforting to know a community-run and funded organization is ready to help.